$250 Million Investment For The Education Is Not Enough According To Bill Gates


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Bill Gates SXSW 2013In the last talk Microsoft founder Bill Gates had on March 7, 2013 at the SXSWedu education technology conference in Austin he stressed the importance of education to the success of today’s innovation. Bill Gates’ foundation named Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been able to invest more than $250 million in different schools in United States to nurture the education more however according to him this is not yet enough.

Why The Education Has A Poor Amount Of Investment

Bill Gates think that the amount invested on education is far from enough, in the last years, from 1995 to 2011 the amount of venture capital invested in the education companies was just 1% of the overall investment. He is not satisfied to the amount given and invested in educating the people of United States. This amount is absolutely nothing compared to the 38% spending of capital in technology companies and to the 19% investments in the healthcare companies. Seems like education was far from being the priority of the venture capital investments.

The Results Of Disregarding Education As An Essential Element In The Success Of The Nation

This lack of interest of venture capitals has reflected to the quality of education the United States. The education in the United States was once known to be the best education in the world, but this has declined rapidly through the years. In the 2006 OECD Program for the International Student Assessment list, the United States has ranked 35th out of 57 in the field of mathematics and they also ranked 29th out of 57 in the field of science. This standing is far than United States’ best education before. Because the investments on education has begun to rival the investment to the innovations of the new technology and the protection of the people for themselves.

The Issue That Needs To Be Addressed

According to Bill Gates the advancements in terms of computing have to grow. The growing penetration technology which is particular on the mobile devices and the cloud storage have been a great help to make the advancements a special time for technology in the education. Bill Gates also stated that while the technology is becoming more and more accessible to the students the accessibility is still lacking and this issue is needed to be addressed.

Bill Gates’ Outlook On The Education

Bill Gates has always been talking about how important education is. In his past interviews, he said that education is the most essential factor in determining the future of United States. Bill Gates always say that the education is not improving in the United States but rather declining more and more each year. The teachers in the United States has been getting the least feedback and according to him that has to change. Helping each would be the key to change this that is why has been investing to education as much as he could.

He attested that education is the greatest predictor of the United States which was then supported by a report that education is really now an issue of national security. This report was written by the New York City Schools chief Joel Klein and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. The report also stated that the problem today of the education in the United States is that they are failing to provide quality education in a lot of areas like science and technology and foreign languages which will create a major deficiencies of engineers in the near future as well as soldier, diplomats and a lot more.


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