A Book About Finding Someone Like Steve Jobs Is Launched


Nolan Bushnell
The story of Nolan Bushnell’s new e-book called ‘Finding The Next Steve Jobs’ begun in Paris 33 years ago. In the year 1980, with a lot of money from the two companies which he helped found, the videogame maker Atari and Chuck E. Cheese’s entertainment centers, Nolan Bushnell said that he has bought himself a 15,000 square foot, six story mansion which has a marble staircases and a swimming pool in the basement which is the best place for some party. The mansion Nolan Bushnell bought is located near the Eiffel Tower. One of the guests in his house is the former Atari employee and the Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

Find The Next Steve JobsBushnell has stated that he was not envious of the millions of dollars the Apple company is earning, he also do not feel bad about the fact that he turned down the one-third ownership of Apple since his businesses were giving him billions of dollars already. However, he is beginning to think that maybe his decision was a mistake after all. This was all stated on his newly launched e-book.

The book started with the story of how Nolan Bushnell had a meeting with Jobs in the year 1980 in Paris. During that day together, he recalled that Steve Jobs was making a statement about the companies which is copying the innovations of Apple. Jobs stated that there are parasites all over the computer world that are ready to take whatever Apple comes up with.

Who Is Nolan Bushnell?

Nolan Bushnell is the first boss of Steve Jobs which is one of the founders of Atari. He has been involved in a lot of startups which could be estimated to be over 20 startups that includes his most successful startup other than Atari which is the kids’ arcade cum pizzeria called Chuck E. Cheese. This man knows a lot of things when it comes to hiring and motivating creatives even though those people are as difficult as Steve Jobs.

What Does The Book Finding the Next Steve Jobs: How to Find, Hire, Keep and Nurture Creative Talent All About

Nolan Bushnell has written a book that is offering advices on how to hire, find and retain a potential talent, although those talented and creative types could really be difficult to deal with. According to him, even after Steve Jobs’ success there will only be few companies that would end up hiring Steve Jobs because Steve Jobs is an outlier. To the most potential employers, he seems like a jerk in bad clothing. Steve Jobs is not just an outlier but also difficult but definitely a very valuable employee.

Steve Jobs is frequently the smartest guy in the room and he would certainly let the people know that fact. Some of his advices in the book are just ignore the credentials of the employee and hire the obnoxious but just in limited number. Also celebrate and learn from your failures and encourage the employees to make decisions by throwing dice in order to make the work fun, provide them toys and think of some haphazard holidays. Also let those precious creatives to sleep on their job if they wanted to.

There are a lot more advices that the book contains which was written with the help of a ghostwriter Gene Stone. The book is entitled Finding the Next Steve Jobs: How to Find, Hire, Keep and Nurture Creative Talent however the book does not focus about Steve Jobs but rather focusing on finding someone like him.


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