A Short Review About Samsung Galaxy S3


Samsung Galaxy S3
One of the latest innovations of modern technology is the Samsung galaxy sIII. The product is light and portable that enables you to carry anywhere you want. Through the usage of this product, you can execute all most of the possible technological functions and operations. The product comes in many colors for your convenience- 1) pebble blue, 2) marble white, 3) amber brown, 4) garnet red, 5) sapphire black, 6) titanium grey & customized etc. All these colors are suitable for its body that attracts its viewers. The best attraction that lies in this Smartphone is that its operating system supports android 4.0 which is the latest ICE-CREAM SANDWITCH. For such, there are wide numbered applications available within the set. There are lots of specifications to praise in Samsung galaxy sIII. They are pointed below within a list-

Girl Showing Samsung Galaxy S31) Dimension & weight: It weighs 133 gram and its dimension is 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6 mm which is optimum compared to the available functions within it.

2) Display: The Samsung galaxy sIII includes a 4.8” big LCD display (Super AMOLED) in its front enabling the viewer to look with broad eyes and from a short compared distance also.

3) Network and wireless connectivity: it is embedded with 2.5G (GSM/ GPRS/ EDGE): 850 / 900 /
1800 / 1900 MHz & 3G (HSPA+ 21Mbps): 850 / 900 /   1900 / 2100 MHz.

4) Camera: The Samsung galaxy sIII includes 2 cameras, one at its back (main) and one at its front (secondary). The main camera is of 8 megapixel resolution with autofocus capability. Different types of video format are also supported through this phone & video recording is paced in 1080p.

5) Battery: there is a highly powerful battery of 2100 mili ampere hour lithium ion battery in the Smartphone that helps the phone power to lust long.

6) Sensors: There are sensors in the front panel at the side of the earpiece. Also there are accelerometer, RGB light sensor barometer, gyro, proximity. These sensors help the phone to initialize its functions under different situations.

7) Connectivity: there are different wireless connectivity options like Bluetooth NFC, GPS/GLONASS, WiFi. These connection vias help the Smartphone to get connected with other supporting peripherals in order to transfer data precisely.

8) Services and application: this is the main attraction sector of the Samsung galaxy sIII for there are good numbered specifications in this sector. It has S beam, photo buddy share, share shot. It also possesses smart stay, social tag, group tag for the information storage system. For the camera, the set has face zoom and face slide show characteristics. It also has burst shot and best photo selection capability. Moreover, high definition screen shot is also possible through this Smartphone. It’s also embedded with voice to call option, smart tap, tap to top. These options are for the user friendly hood that keeps the user satisfied for all times.

The Samsung galaxy sIII is a Smartphone that is suitable for each individual. It is embedded with GPS that can locate your position at instant. Watching movies through this tiny but big display isn’t any matter for now. There is a high quality speaker beside the main camera at its back enabling the best possible quality stereo sound out of it. Moreover, there are some embedded softwares like Google map, Google search, Gmail, Facebook, android market, Google play movies etc. These available options have made this Smartphone tremendously popular at present. You can have one for yourself in order to get yourself satisfied among thousands of the available mobile phones in the market!


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