Facebook And Google Deny Knowledge Of PRISM, But The Language Is Fishy


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took to the social network to completely deny allowing the US government “direct access” to information on users and he also went on to say he had never heard of PRISM, even though President Obama has officially revealed the system and how it is real and how it does not effect US citizens.

This was followed by many CEO’s and organisations coming out and saying the same thing, they do not offer the US government or any government “direct access” and have not heard of PRISM.

Government or Google?

Then the Internet caught onto something, the language being used by the announcers was similar in almost all ways, they officially denied “direct access”, although that doesn’t mean the US government didn’t have a way of getting vast quantities of information, for example through a filtration API.

The question then turned to who was lying and if Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page and others were lying about PRISM, why did they and why have they used this language? What are all the tech companies hiding that is so bad for consumers they will literally use the same coordinated language to officially deny involvement, even though the US government has announced PRISM’s existence.

Some are even questioning executive power and if Zuckerberg and Page know about PRISM. Could it be that some security team has been working secretly within the many technology companies, acting as a surrogate for the PRISM program? We do not believe this is so – the US government want the technology firms on their side and surreptitious behaviour would not work well.

An API For the US Government

The most likely senario is the many tech companies have rallied together to build an API suitable for the US government to find people and information when they need to, say for a terror suspect living abroad. This gives the US government no movement in the tech sites to check out US citizens and also should give them no rights to just spy on the rest of the world’s population.

However, we have known many acts like SOPA, PIPA, ACTA and recently CISPA that have tried to gain more government control on the Web, and the White House has repetitively fought against these acts, why is it that spying on oversees residents could be something Obama and the rest of Congress have approved of, secretly until now.

Likely To Here Answers

It is unlikely Larry Page and Mark Zuckerberg are completely in the dark to the fact their is a government protocol using information from the website and transferring it to their databases. We believe both CEOs and all companies know something about the PRISM project and how it works, although the design of the security project may still not be fully understood by all of us.

In the coming weeks it will become more relevant and CEOs will be bugged on the topic, we may not see them crack, but leaks and rumours about the PRISM act are likely to push the companies over the edge, until they reveal why they did it and for how long.


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