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Instagram has continued to grow since the Facebook acquisition, with over 130 active monthly users and excessive amounts of food and cats photos. However, Twitter presented Instagram and Facebook with a problem, short videos, by making the app Vine, currently on track to surpass 20 million users.

While Kevin Systrom, the CEO of Instagram, stated video was in the making since Instagram’s development, we believe a strong push in the right direction was made from Facebook to Instagram, getting them on top of making a video sharing service to rival Vine.


Instagram has been a very popular photo sharing app for teenagers and brands alike, with no advertising costs and unwanted promoted photos in their face. Instagram has been cool, in a lot of ways and even the Facebook acquisition didn’t take away this from the app, despite big resistance from users to changes of the terms of service.

We believe video sharing will be a win-win for Instagram, it doesn’t take away the core experience of taking photos, adding filters and then sharing, it just adds to that by allowing users to make videos and share them. Videos may draw lots of Vine, Viddy and Cinemagram users to Instagram as well, if they aren’t on already.

How To Make Videos On Instagram

Shooting videos on Instagram is easy and the simply UI used for taking photos is there for videos. Like Vine, the user holds down on the video button to start recording, they can then stop at any time and either delete that segment or add another one on. Videos can last up to 15 seconds, but can be as short as three seconds.

Once completed, the user can then add filters to the videos and Instagram has added 13 new filters. The user then shares the video as they would with a photo, although it takes a little longer to process, especially if there are different frames and filters.

Instagram Video vs Vine

Instagram is now in direct competition with Vine, however, Instagram can still be used by the millions that use Vine, while using Vine and Instagram is questionable now Instagram has a similar video sharing service. It seems to be a battle for who can upload the most media, perhaps later on in its life Instagram will take over social music with users uploading clips of their music.

However, Vine has a big community full of bloggers, comics and writers who draw up little 7-second sketches for their thousands of fans. To make a move to Instagram would mean giving up on the Vine community for Instagram, where others may have gotten in and big before them.

Instagram is more friends friendly because mostly everyone with an iOS or Android device has the app, while Vine is still a little bit of a niche app. Most users don’t like posting videos as a way of sharing things, instead opting for photos, this is where Instagram will beat Vine on user activity.


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