Headphone:X Will Add New Dimension To Man Of Steel Soundtrack


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Along with Headphone:X, the soundtrack of Man of Steel has been released recently in DTS using version an virtualization technology with surround sound quality. Han’s Zimmer has created this track in Music app as a motion picture soundtrack. This soundtrack has been released with good score and the customers can easily buy the application only. The CD copy of the man of Man of Steel soundtrack is also available in the market. The buyers of CD copy will get a code for getting free download option in the applications. Headphone:X is blessed with advance technology capable of giving the experience of surround sound with your regular stereo headphones. This idea is for specific purpose of getting the real environment of music studios. In his soundtrack of Man of Steel, people will experience the directional characteristics. When multiple drum kits are used in recording any soundtrack, the sound quality will be always different. Zimmer said, “With the Man of Steel soundtrack, I wanted to try something new and give fans the opportunity to connect with characters and completely immerse themselves in the emotion and action of the movie in a way that’s never been done before”.

Full soundtrack can be downloaded freely

Z+ application is downloadable to the customers and you can easily try the soundtrack after downloading the software for your iPhone. Tracks are always free to download for the customers, but you can buy the rest if you want to experience everything. On Android and iPad applications this is not currently available, but after someday it will be available as the problem is time shortage. People, who have already listened to some tricks and clips from Hans Zimmer’s Man of Steel, cannot guess about the full album. Han Zimmer’s score for the movie Man of Steel is one of the most attractive aspect and people are planning to buy the album. Deluxe edition and regular edition are available, but customers should listen to the album for placing any pre-order of the album. Though, at last Hans Zimmer has composed the soundtrack for Man of Steel movie. But he was not consent for writing the musical score of the movie. From June 11 customers are opened to buy the soundtrack with 2 CDs inside the box. Deluxe edition of the soundtrack is available for the customers, but they can collect the other versions of the soundtrack available.

Anrdoid is not OK for Man of Steel soundtrack

Those who are Android fans among the customer of this soundtrack are unfortunate that this will not support Android. Headphone:X will surely change your previous experience of encoding bitstream. If you have already downloaded the Z+ application for getting the full soundtracks, you can easily update it from iTunes store. But, what was the situation for album’s condition on iTunes? Just after the release of the first week, this soundtrack got 4th place in iTune store, but the copyright issue is very much critical in several countries. You cannot play it with those countries. But, in copyright free countries listeners have no impediment and 2 disc deluxe editions will be their first choice.


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