iOS Leads The Advertisement Arena, iPhone Remains Dominant; Opera’s Report Reveals


Opera started providing its insightful internet reports about a year ago. The series started with the first installment of the Mobile Advertising report. The company has published its data and analysis for the second quarter of 2013. In the report, iOS dominates the global advertising network of Opera both in terms of volume of impressions, traffic and the value for money for the ad providers. The dominance of Apple is most obvious in the tablet arena, where the company holds more than 90 percent of traffic. Additionally, iPhone alone beats the combined amount of all Android smartphones. In the Android arena, Samsung is the unsurprising champion. RIM and the different variants of Windows Mobile OS are the other notable players in the field, but they are way behind the leading two.

The Increasing Reach Of Opera’s Ad Platform

Opera’s advertising venture has seen a rapid growth over the past year. While the platform included 9,000 websites providing 35 million ad impressions per month twelve months ago, it now includes 13,000 sites and apps, producing more than 16 billion impressions. The huge amount of ad impressions has made the framework noteworthy. In the first quarter of the year, iPhone reclaimed its first position against the Android handsets with a lead of o.3 percent only. But, Apple as a company looks way more lucrative then the other competitors.

Brand-wise Statistics

Apple and Android account for 44 percent and 31 percent of traffic respectively. In the ad revenue section, Apple claimed 49 percent, while Android represented 28 percent of ad revenue on the network. Opera used to bundle the other less-known platforms under the ‘other’ section, but Windows Phone was provided a separate place in the latest report. Though 0.30 percent of revenue and 0.36 percent traffic seem miniscule at this moment, the OS has strong potential of replacing BlackBerry as the third entry. Symbian, the retired OS is experiencing a rapid decline.

Brand-wise, Apple leads the list with 43 percent of impressions. It is followed by Samsung, which claims 17 percent ad impressions. Nokia’s combined platforms account for 10 percent, while HTC, Motorola and RIM account for less than 4 percent of ad impressions. Opera has set a target of making more than $600 million from its advertising network. The target was $400 million in 2012. With the introduction of Opera Mediaworks, Opera has combined all of its ad units into a single entity. It is arguably the biggest mobile ad network in the world at this moment.

Location And Timing Of The Ad Requests

Among the ad requests, less than 50 percent was made from American ad platforms. But the American consumers accounted for about 75 percent of the revenue. The study noted that the year starts with a low-budgeted month in January as the holiday season just disappears. However, the use of mobile continues as consumers keep playing with their new devices. The month of August sees a mini-surge and March-April experiences a spring break. Advertisers put more money from November as the holiday season nears.

The report also reveals that the advertisers are changing their methods to creative, rich media campaigns instead of the old ways. They are placing their ads deep inside the apps, which has provided them with a click-through rate of 1.53 percent. Along with the traditional banner ads, newer types like mobile video and tap-to-expand are being introduced in the advertisement arena.


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