LG Flat Panel OLED TV Will Reach You In US Soon


The curved version TV will only be released in United States, said by the Korean electronics giant. OLED TV is the curved version TV from the Korean giant and they think they have good commercial future in United States. The Korean company told CNET about their releasing decision of OLED television. Think you are currently using LG television and you want to change your experience from LG TV to flat panel OLED TV. But, you may not be able to do that, if you are not residing in South Korea. Korean electronics giant is currently planning to release only the curved version of its high end TV in the United States and they took this decision after sensing the near future of this high end flat panel TV. Ken Hong is the spokesperson of LG and he talked to CNET at their headquarters in Korea. In the near future their decision will not be changed, he confirmed this news. Behind taking this critical and important decision of releasing OLED TV, they have a target and defensive strategy. LG will release many other types of TVs in future and the rivals will not also sit back. Attractive and competitive offers will also be made from them. LG wants to keep their curved panel OLED TV apart from these hassles.

OLED and 4K technology will revitalize the market

Curved TVs are different from the normal flat TVs and people have special demands for curved TVs. Company can easily charge high price for the curved TVs. Korean electronics giant LG have many differentiated products in the market, including their curved OLED TV. LG spokes person Hong also noted that the sale of these curved TVs is pretty high, even the price was not enough reasonable at the primary stage. As the selling point of this TVs was high, company sensed he light of bright future. “Now, who wouldn’t want that?” “With the curved OLED you can recreate an IMAX theater in your living room,” Hong said. Organic light emitting diode technology is being popular among people and OLED TVs are grabbing the maximum market share of TV. Even another technology called Ultra HD or 4K is prevailing in the market, OLED is taking the lead. Customers seek for low energy consumption and better picture quality, that what they are getting from the OLEDs. 4K television is giving four times better resolution than the present televisions. The current television market has become stagnant and the TV manufactures are waiting for these two technologies to revitalize the market.

Problems present with new technology

OLED TVs are performing well for sometimes, but both Samsung and LG started to face problem in building the displays for televisions. Error rate in building the television increases the loss in yield. Even though, these products are reaching United States market and Samsung will reach USA soon. Think of a model of LG television, LG 55EA9800, a curved screen 55-inch OLED television was available last month at $14,999. CNET told that they have got news from an executive of the company that the TV will be delivered to home, if any customer order within a couple of week.


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