Obama-Xi Meetings To Help Battle Cyber-Hacking


The increasing number of cyber intrusions has forced America and China to come together. Although detailed talks are to begin from July, President Obama and the newly appointed Chinese President, Xi Jinping are going to meet up this Friday for friendly discussions about various threats that both countries need help tackling. The meeting will be the bases for the actual summit.

Although the two nations are not known for their friendship, they need to come together to find a solution to this troubling issue. Both countries are concerned with the growing amount of cyber attacks that are harming their security.

What caused these two countries to suddenly come together?

The United States claims to be a target of numerous vicious hackers that leak out personal, business and even military information. According to General Keith B. Alexander, the head of the US Cyber Security, plans for Ballistic-missile defenses, joint-strike fighters, and next-gen fighter planes were all stolen by hackers. Such information can have some disastrous effects if in the wrong hands.

The United States government claims that the hackers have mainly originated from China, namely Shanghai. However, despite the detailed reports and extensive research, China has denied the allegations. In fact, they argue to be victims of similar cyber crimes. Since the two countries have not exactly been close buddies with each other, so a general mistrust is expected. Either way, both countries need to set their differences aside and eliminate the threat.

The beautiful Sunnylands estate has been a host to many government and international officials, including Richard Nixon. The two presidents are set to get together at this marvelous location to hopefully form a battle plan to tackle issues of common interest.

What’s the general opinion?

Chinese political analysts are optimistic that the conference would be a success if the two presidents are able to focus on the mutual gains that can be derived, rather than the past hostilities they harbor for each other. Chinese believe the discussion can lead to some important decisions that will ultimately improve relations between the two countries. On the other hand, American analysts are not expecting any noteworthy changes as yet. However since the US is taking such a step they must be hopeful that something good can come from the cooperation of the two countries.
The changes in the recent years have made their collaboration possible. President Xi is seen as more open minded leader, as compared to his predecessor Hu Jintao who was always more strict. Xi’s leadership has proved to be more effective as he was able to exercise his domination over the military by employing new fresh faces to take charge. Also, the recent Korean nuclear threat has been a major cause for concern for both countries. Both these factors make success of the upcoming meeting, as well as the actual summit, a real possibility.


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