Remote Controlled Flying Tray Widens Automated Delivery Service


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Have you seen or heard about flying saucer? I am astonished what did I see. Is it flying saucer or flying tray? I can predict there will be left many reports that flying saucers have been seen nearby central London, which is carrying snacks and beer. This becomes the talk of the town. Is it a bird or a plane? Indeed, it is your meal flying at you on flying tray.We still dream about time machine and human teleportation. I am sure trendy people like you still patiently waiting for your own flying cars. Though it is not available commercially, it is true that researchers have been trying hard and at this instant remote controlled flying tray is just ready for world.

World’s First RC Flying Tray

Remote controlled flying tray is the first flying tray of the world to deliver the orders of diners or simply a flying sushi service tray. It is also known as “itray” which is made with rotor blades of mini remote-controlled helicopter. However, the iTray is made from lightweight carbon fibre gadget consisting of four propellers, which can reach dish to customers at speeds of less than or equal to 25mph or 11 metres/second and has 50 metres range. Wi-Fi system and iPad software are used to control the flying platter. Indeed, this iTray is a high tech flying serving dish custom-built with advanced RC Drone quad copter technology.

Here Today, Continued Tomorrow!

Staff at restaurant named Yo! Sushi first demonstrate remote controlled flying tray in London. Yo! Sushi is a top chain Japanese-style restaurant. It has brought a new significance to the term ‘fast food’. It claims that it brings about the first flying tray of the world that serves delicious meals towards customer so quickly. Moreover, sushi chain is well-known for bringing attention to inventions to the dinner table. The chief executive of YO! Sushi, Robin Rowland, has said, “We’re all about innovation and delivering a whole concept in an unusual and exciting way. And the iTray … is a way for us to explain how exciting food can be.” one diner from YO Sushi said, “It was very different” after seeing that the restaurant uses flying tray for delivering Sushi. Diners recognized this tray as a very hi-tech as well as futuristic invention. However, this iTray is being tried at organization’s leading branch as well as could be available nationwide in 2014.

Flying Tray At Your Service

It can have your food winging to you perhaps a little quicker than you would like. Remote controlled flying tray is the world’s first airborne delivery service. Waiters or waitresses of restaurants can control trays with an iPad and kitchen staff can monitor the food delivery through seeing real-time video feeds viewable on screen from two onboard cameras. Here, cameras on device help controllers to guide tray to right table. Remote-Controlled floating serving tray can contain up to five cans in addition to 16-ounce dish of delightful snacks. Within 25 feet of range operator can transport a number of appetizers to you. Have you ever been played remote-controlled aircraft? Probably, answer is yes because there is hardly any person who is not getting familiar with this remote-controlled toy or do not like to play. Likewise, remote controlled flying tray is just amazing and its depend on you how much capable you are because if you are a good operator, you can float the snacks out of reach and make your friend not only swim around but also hurry after snacks in order to catch them. Besides, make our service so fast, it adds more fun to your work.


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