RoboRoach: Control Your Own Cyborg Cockroach Using Your iPhone


Have you ever wished for walking down hallway of your department or school with your own Cyborg? With a live cockroach that is controlled by your remote? After three long years of research and development, “RoboRoach” is now fully ready for its striking release! Right now we are very excited for the announcement of the world’s 1st commercially presented cyborg! With this RoboRoach, you briefly can control the left or right movement wirelessly of a live cockroach by micro stimulation of antenna nerves. This latest invented RoboRoach is great way for learning about the neuro-technology and learning electronics!

RC Cyborg!! YES, Its Today’s Science, Everything is Possible!

On this Monday, Greg Gage, the cofounder of the Backyard Brains, has launched Kickstarter page for selling its latest product, a Remote Controlled Cyborg, RoboRoach. This is just wirelessly controlled electro stimulator backpack which is connected to 2 electrodes added down length of hollow antennae of the bug. The backpack of the RoboRoach weighs around 4.4 grams along with battery, and every battery would last over one month! They demonstrated their RoboRoach onstage at TEDGlobal yesterday in Edinburgh. A 12 years old kid can easily do such electrode surgery alone in only 15 minutes. Roboroach has come with iPhone application which lets you modify or adjust the frequency which is delivered into the brain of the roach and then easily control that bug just by swiping right or left. It’s drastically democratized science!

As Gage and his partner Tim Marzullo speaks, they have released a big cockroach from South America wearing electronic backpack — what sends electrical current straightly into antenna nerves of cockroach— onto table onstage. Gage explains that “The common currency of the brain are the spikes in the neurons,” He also added “These are the neurons that are inside of the antenna, but that’s also what your brain sounds like. Your thoughts, your hopes, your dreams, all encoded into these spikes. People, this is reality right here — the spikes are everything you know!” Since Greg’s partner Tim swipes his fingers across iPhone, RoboRoach swerves right and left, sometimes randomly going in confused circle.

Why a Robot Cockroach? Why They Did This?

Greg Gage explains why they have created such technology. He mentioned that “This is the exact same technology that’s used to treat Parkinson’s disease and make cochlear implants for deaf people. If we can get these tools into hands of kids, we can start the neurological revolution.” After Gage’s declaration, Chris Anderson raises a question about the ethical consideration of using a live cockroach for all these purposes. Greg Gage clarifies that it is just a micro stimulation, not pain response. He also added that the proof is that the remote controlled cockroach adapts very quickly to that stimulus. After such experiment, Gage says, the cockroach is released to return to do what usually cockroaches do. Don’t worry about that! Not a single animal is going to irreversibly harmed in making of such TED talk. You cannot be sure what today’s science is going to give you! So don’t miss this opportunity you have got now! Grab this and be the smartest one!


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