Rovio Appointed Former Nokia Veteran Teemu Suila As The New COO; New Faces In Other Posts Too


teemu suilaRovio Entertainment, the producer of Angry Birds, has announced that Teemu Suila, former Nokia executive has joined its team as the new Chief Operating Officer (COO). Harri Koponen, the former COO of Rovio is transferred to another business development role after having spent about 2 years in the post. After joining Nokia in 1995, Suila held some top-level posts at both the Nokia Siemens Network and the Nokia Company. He was responsible for managing some crucial development and streamlining processes of the strategic and operational unit of the Finnish phone manufacturer. At Rovio, his job will be more or less the same.

Other Major Appointments

The appointment of Suila follows the inclusion of Mika Ihamuotila, CEO of Marimekko as the 4th board-level director of Rovio. Jami Laes from Digital Chocolate has also joined the company as its new EVP replacing Petri Jarvilehto. These new additions have provided new fuel to the ongoing rumors of Rovio’s imminent IPO. Being headquartered in Finland’s Espoo with more than 650 employees, the company has offices at Tampere city, USA, Japan, South Korea, China and Sweden. Rovio’s sales figure was roughly $195 million in 2012, which was $96.9 million in 2011, meaning a 101 percent jump in the figure of 2012. The company made a profit of $71 million in 2012, up from $45.4 million in 2011, accounting for 57 a percent increase in profit.

The main revenue sources of the entertainment and gaming company include games, advertising and virtual goods. However, merchandising is gradually becoming a strong competitor and could bring the most profit for the company in the future. The rumors about a potential IPO of Rovio has been circulating since early 2011, with no solid evidence of that event yet.

Background Of Rovio

Being established in 2003, Rovio made over 50 games from its inception to 2009. CyberBlood, Dragon and Jade, Darkest Fear, Wolf Moon etc. are some of them, none enjoying any major success. However, the startup’s luck turned up with Angry Birds. Being launched for the iOS platform initially in December 2009, the simple but very addictive game radically changed the fate of mobile gaming industry. It will be interesting to note whether Rovio will succeed in turning Angry Birds into a universal brand.

In the past, Rovio announced that it will publish mobile games produced by third-party developers under the new Rovio Stars platform. Jami Laes, EVP of the company had stated that Rovio Entertainment has established itself as a leading powerhouse of mobile gaming and entertainment, therefore taking the publishing method one step further is the logical move for it. The new platform aims at helping the gamers find quality games from the ocean of games available in the app stores. The first title released by the platform was Nitrome’s Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage, a game depicting the adventure of a Viking. Kalle Kaivola, Rovio’s Development Director has added that they are receiving some fantastic titles from under-focused game developers.

Most of Rovio’s profits come from the Angry Birds franchises including soft toys, lunch boxes and adventure playgrounds. The endeavor of publishing third-party games is a bold step for the company. It will allow the mobile-games giant to connect with a lot of new, creative game developers, analyzing the market with new games and to find another major hit like the Angry Birds.


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