Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Zoom: Capture Your Moment Alive in Phone


Galaxy S4 Zoom
Usually you use phone for talking purposes though some phones give you the feature of camera, video game, internet option etc but generally it is believed that a device that is dedicated to perform one function is much better than a device that performs multiple functions. Likewise every photographer will maintain the concept that yet however smart phone cameras are receiving fairly sophisticated and generate a lofty quality outcome, but its’ not better than a devoted camera as it comes toward the photography. Samsung, in stripe with its conventional product expansion tactic that is throwing spaghetti on a wall to observe what sticks, it has determined to acquire the dedicated camera attached a phone within it.

How its’ look like? Bigger or smaller?

Samsung’s latest version of Galaxy S4 has some unique features that make it a wonderful one that can accomplish the today’s demand mostly. Zoom’s define its’ feature as an f/3.1 aperture which is attached with a 16-megapixel CMOS sensor with a10x optical zoom lens.  But there’s a cell phone beneath there too, which is the most fascinating and hottest idea of it. It has a dual core processor with 1.5GHz, 4.3 inch Super AMOLED 540*960-pixel screen; LTE net connectivity, and 4.2 Jellybean Android, 8GB internal memory, 2,330mAh battery, one micro SD card slit holding 64GB more capacity and Samsung’s series of superfluous software — not somewhat up to parity by the Galaxy S4 spec wise. It’s added in stroke with S4 Mini. In the camera unit, the Zoom sends an icon- stabilized lens attached with a 35mm-coerresponding focal length array of 24 to 240mm. Its orifice ranges within f3.1-f6.3. The sensor is able shoot at the ISO sensitivity that ranged as of 100 – 3,200. It’s got a flash also with 1.9-megapixel camera for video chatting which is situated on the frontage side. Its dimensions are 4.9 * 2.5 * 0.6 inches and have 7.3 ounces weight.

From where you can get this eye catching phone?

This marvelous S4 Zoom will be obtainable in the U.K. within this summer, but according to Samsung, customers of the rest of US and Europe may have to waiting up to the fourth quarter. The price is not declared yet by the company. The Galaxy Camera is priced at $550, and the S4 Zoom has identical camera specs apart from making phone calls, a comparable price tag is expected by the potential consumers.

Would you want an optical zoom in your cell phone’s camera? If yes then go for S4

Samsung has as well set collectively a number of appealing features to facilitate S4 Zoom cope with its camera identities and dual phone. For example, during a call you can enjoy the twist of phone’s zoom ring to capture a swift photo and delivered it to the one on the line. Not only this, this zoom loop also ensures your immediate entrance to the camera features, surprisingly; it will be the means you direct the zoom altitude of the phone.

Without any doubt, the Zoom is an attractive idea, particularly since it offers a shortest portal to the spaces you are expected to place pictures anyway like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Surely, it’s a little ridiculous looking. But most of people use their phones for snapping photos than other activity. So for you this could be a crazy phone with camera amalgam.


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