SIM Card Flaw Is Opening Way Of Hijacking Cell Phones


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Security key of the SIM card is important for keeping everything safe of the SIM card including purchase, conversation and personal messages. When any hijacker can break the security protection of the SIM card, he can easily perform fraudulent activities. Sometimes, the providing company keeps some vulnerability on their SIM cards for surveillance purpose, but this thing can be warning for the SIM card owner. Malware infection will be very easy for any mobile phone having a SIM card with security vulnerability. Karsten Nohl is the founder of the security Research Lab in Germany, has recently told The New York Times, in the SIM encryption technology, he has found a flaw that can be a way for the hijacker to get the digital key of the SIM card. The 56 digits security key will be the way to manipulate everything of the SIM card.

Spying is possible on vulnerable SIM cards

The worst thing will be impersonation of the mobile phone owner and it can spreads crime too. Nohl warned, “We can remotely install software on a handset that operates completely independently from your phone,” “We can spy on you. We know your encryption keys for calls. We can read your SMSs. More than just spying, we can steal data from the SIM card, your mobile identity, and charge to your account.” The whole process will just take only less than two minutes with a standard personal computer.In 1970s, IBM developed a cryptographic method for mobile phone and in recent days more than 3 billion cell phones are using that method. In IBM’s method there was vulnerability in the Digital Standard of Encryption. In the past decade, the older system was remove and upgraded, but still there are numbers of cell phones available in the market using the old version of encryption technology. In a test, around 1000 SIN cards of North American and European region have been found with vulnerability problem.

Security taste can check the status of SIM cards

Nohl always wants to remove the flaws from the SIM cards of the mobile phones and he is recently trying to clear the flaw in Las Vegas, security conference before people. He has said that this news has been given to GSM association, a group trading and representing in the telecommunication as well as cell phone industry. Claire Cranton is the spokes person of GSM association, recently talked to Times, where she stated that her company members are already using the older version, but passed the security test. They have taken decision that they are completely fine with their older version. Cranton cleared in the statement, “We have been able to consider the implications and provide guidance to those network operators and SIM vendors that may be impacted.” Nohl got a doctorate degree from the Virginia University on Computer Engineering and his name was on the paper in headline in 2008 for revealing the weakness of the smart card chips that are wireless. At that time, all around the globe, people used this chips in their transmit system. In the following year, he crake a security system designed to prevent attackers.


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