SK Telecom’s LTE- Advanced Network Along With Latest Galaxy S4: South Korea’s World’s First Invention


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South Korea is going to have a taste of true broadband speed of 4G mobile. At this Wednesday SK Telecom has announced that it has initiated world’s 1st LTE- Advanced Network. This networking system is quicker LTE standard what was at first deemed by International Telecommunication Union the same as the true 4G standard.

First Touch of LTE-A Technology

The LTE- Advanced actually is proficient for the data transfer rate at 150Mbps, this rate is just double of 4G LTE speed available in United States, and ten times quicker than the 3G. Park In-sik who is the president of the network operation business SK Telecom’s president of network business operations has said that “By supporting twice faster speeds than LTE, LTE-A will not only enhance customers’ satisfaction in network quality, but also give birth to new mobile value added services that can bring innovative changes to our customers’ lives,”

SK Telecom mentioned that it has achieved faster speed through the carrier aggregation. Besides, SK Telecom indicated that it is expecting carrier aggregation being the stage for the network progression which will give network speed up to around 500Mbps within 2015.

On the other hand, the limitations with handsets it is offering means the utmost theoretical speeds they might access could be up to 100Mbps. When the speedier downloads might prove tempting to the customer, one analyst has mentioned that they have been only a part of picture. Daryl Schoolar, the analyst at “Telecoms Consultant Ovum” has said that “I’ve never found someone who didn’t want something faster,” He also added that “But it’s not just about speed – the issue of capacity is perhaps more important. These advances allow operators to use more spectrum which means they can handle more subscribers at once. He clarified about it further “The networks are like a highway – the more people who use them the more clogged they get. By adding the equivalent of more lanes operators ensure that subscriber speeds don’t slow down as much at the busiest network times.”

4G LTE- Advanced Network With New Version of Latest Galaxy S4

In order to take the advantages of superior network speed, SK Telecom announced that Samsung if going to release Galaxy S4 LTE- A. This LTE- Advanced Network is the 1st world’s commercial product for actually connecting to the LTE- Advanced. In the beginning of this month, the electronics giant of South Korean has announced that it was going to ready the device, image of what leaked in this week on Samsung-obsessed or Korean sites worldwide. The existing smart device would not be capable of taking benefit of speeds boost, but the users who decide for upgrading may not face the extra data fees. Their service is primarily being offered within 44 cities, in addition to SK Telecom has said that it had its plan to twice that number in future.

If everything goes well with Galaxy S4, Samsung would surely launch it globally in the markets where their service will be available. This means that the U.S. consumers are already out for time being. Whereas AT&T, Verizon and Sprint have announced the deployment plans of LTE- Advanced, only LTE obtainable now in States is slower and older version.


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