Sony PS4 Unveiled; Will Launch On This Holiday Season, Priced At $399


PlayStation 4 will be available from this holiday season costing $399, according to Sony’s announcement at the E3 press event in Los Angeles. The new PlayStation’s price is $100 less than Xbox One’s price as Microsoft declared that the new Xbox will go on sale from November and will cost $499. The PS4 was announced in February, though Sony did not show the device then. Now as it is displayed finally, the console is a rectangular, black, smooth box with a disc drive and some buttons.

Technical Details And The Inclusion Of Media

Despite not showing the physical device Sony provided some details about the hardware of the new PlayStation console at the February event. Like a lot of Windows machines, the PS4 features an x86 processor, supported by GDDR5 memory and a customized graphics processor. The unified GPU and eight-core processor will provide 170GBPS bandwidth. The console is also provided with a DVD/Blue-ray drive along with Bluetooth, Ethernet and USB 3.0. Gamers will be able to control the device by using the DualShock 4 controller, lightbar, share button and the touchpad.

Sony began its presentation by talking about some of its existing devices like the PS3 and PS Vita, the handheld console. Nonetheless, none of them will enjoy any hardware refreshment. Jack Tretton, CEO of Sony America has noted that the PS Vita will gradually become the ultimate companion to the PS4. He also re-affirmed the company’s commitment to the PS3 which is moving towards its 7th holiday season. Though the device is not provided with any new hardware, Sony is still providing some excellent games for the legendary gaming console including GTA IV and Batman: Arkham Origins.

Shuhei Yoshida, Sony’s global president has informed that the PS4 will enjoy some exclusive games like Knack, DriveClub and Shadow Fall. The concluding part of the presentation highlighted the addition of 8 indie developers making their debuts on the PS4. Some non-gaming features were also announced on the event, which Sony described as carefully crafted for gamers. Michael Lynton, CEO of Sony Pictures was present at the event, which was his first in any PlayStation event. The TV, movie and music offerings provided by Sony will be distributed through its own content delivery platforms along with 3rd-party services including Verizon’s Redbox Instant Service, Netflix and Amazon Instant Video.

Still A Gamer-centric Device

Lynton also informed that Sony Pictures is working hard on programming and producing contents exclusively for PS4 and the PlayStation network. More details about the project will be provided in the future. Sony’s move resembles the approach forwarded by Microsoft at the Xbox One event, which was accused by hardcore gamers as Microsoft’s attempt to control their living rooms and abandoning the core gaming audience. However, Kaz Hirai, Sony’s CEO claimed at D11 only two weeks ago that the PS4 will concentrate on the games only. That statement seems acceptable till now as the amount of time Sony allotted to the media section was considerably less than that of Microsoft.

At one point, Tretton returned to the stage to declare that the PS4 will not require internet connection for playing games and the console will support used games too. This means that the device will not employ Digital Right Management technology in order to block reselling or lending game discs. And unlike the Xbox One, the PS4 users will not have to “check in” every 24 hours.


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