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Gravity Light
There are still many parts of the world that have no access to electrical lighting after dark and many rely on the use of Kerosene lamps. These lamps can be extremely toxic. It is estimated that millions of people all over the world are inhaling fumes that could be the equivalent of up to two packets of cigarettes a day. These fumes can also cause eye infections and burns that result in trips to the hospital. The cost of kerosene is also an issue that can equate to 20% of a households income just to have a bit of light when it goes dark. All this could be changing soon as the invention of the Gravity light has emerged.

Martin Riddiford & Jim ReevesThe gravity light is essentially a light that is powered by gravity. It has been in development as a sideline project by a duo called Martin Riddiford and Jim Reeves. They have come up with the idea that the use of gravity can be used to power a light strong enough to illuminate room. It is charged by a bag that weighs around 9kg hung from below the light on a cord. Another cord alongside is used to lift the bag and once this is done it will gradually descend, turning a set of gears on the inside of the device that translates this movement into energy. The light will last for around thirty minutes but it takes just a few seconds to pull the bag back to its starting position and begin the process all over again.

It is possible to adjust the light strength. Obviously the stronger the light the less time it will glow. The terminals on either side of the device can also be used to charge other household items like radios and rechargeable batteries.

Much interest has been placed in the project from the get go as in previous versions it would take around three minutes of effort to charge a light for thirty minutes. The Gravity Light does all this in the time it takes to lift the 9kg bag which is around three seconds. It has never been easier to create light without a battery and the Gravity Light could very well be the next step in power output not just for lights, but many household items. It is friendly to the environment requiring no chemicals and no usage of natural resources, other than gravity.

The one question that has been glaring right at the developers of the Gravity Light is that will it be able to charge a mobile phone. Some value the use of a phone more than light as a lot of business is now done through text based format but it is said that the invention will not as of yet be able to charge a mobile phone because the amount of power needed is a lot higher than other products and at the moment the Gravity Light is still in the prototype phase. It is however promised that this could be a possibility in the future.

The Gravity Light is an interesting idea. It is easy to use, involves the use of a limitless resource and could change the way we perceive energy forever.


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