Tim Cook At D11: iOS, Taxes, Leadership And The Future Of Apple


Tim Cook
Tim Cook made another appearance at AllThingsD’s annual conference, while he restrained from telling anything about future products or anything new coming from Apple, there was some vague hints about the changes and the future of Apple.

Unlike Jobs, who was inclined to belittle almost every movement in the tech industry Apple was not involved in, Cook is almost the opposite, praising almost every development while trying to stay competitive and find some issues with what is on offer.

We find this approach by Cook is pretty exciting and if this is his management style inside Apple we may see some new movements in the technology industry. Jobs spent a lot of time under-looking products on a binary fashion and this led to Google and other companies taking over the software and services market.

iOS, iPhone’s and Android’s Dominance

The talk started with Tim Cook speaking about how Apple has not lost its cool, with 85 million iPhones and 42 million iPads sold and satisfaction ratings through the roof. Talking about the stock market, Cook sees the frustration but believes like many cycles before, Apple will prevail.

Android has taken a considerable amount of Apple’s market share in the past year, Cook says the goal for Apple has never to have the most, but to make the best. This is the same in the PC, MP3 and tablet market. While there is only one iPhone model at the moment, Cook hinted in the future we may see more than one version.

Sticking on the mobile topic, Cook detailed the iOS API will become more open in the future and third party developers will be allowed to change the design and integrate services. Cook did say this will all depend on the end user experience, and will not allow any applications that dampen the UI to a lower standard.

Taxes & Leadership

Apple recently appeared at Congress to discuss a new tax code reform and Cook discussed this and other litigation that comes with being a large company. Cook appealed the the US crowd, saying he wants to bring profits and jobs to the US, he also detailed that Apple pays $6 billion in tax every year, more than anyone else.

It still feels like the shadow is on Apple and people still question whether Jobs was the force of innovation at the company. We believe Cook and the teams at Apple can still create incredible items, despite losing their major face. Cook is different to Jobs in many ways, but in the core ideals and culture, Apple will still remain the same, according to Cook.

The Future of Apple

Cook obviously didn’t reveal or even push at any new innovations, but he did say Apple was still looking into the TV project and it was an interesting place. He also talked about wearable products and clothing and how this is an area of intense interest, but one that really needs to be refined and defined. Cook questioned Google Glass and how well it will work on a broad view, he said it is hard to make people wear glasses who don’t wear glasses naturally.

Tim Cook is a businessman and one with a very closed mouth, unlike some of the more fiery CEOs and leaders, Cook can keep his cool and discuss without actually revealing anything. While the conference did warm our interest in what Apple is doing, it did not make us believe Cook has changed at all – something we are glad about.


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