Twitter IPO Not Imminent, Focusing More On Improving And Diversifying: CEO Dick Costollo Said In An Interview


Dick Costolo
Dick Costollo, Twitter’s CEO has confirmed that Twitter does not have any plan of going public anytime soon. In an interview given to AllthingsD, he stated that being private provides some facilities and he wants to keep things this way. He was rather interested in discussing about the next stage of Twitter. Citing the micro-blogging platform’s recent dramatic moves like partnership with ESPN, Turner and others along with its acquisition of Bluefin, Costollo pointed out that Twitter is gradually becoming an integrated platform offering diverse options for its users.

Twitter’s Turn To TV

Answering the question of why Twitter has suddenly become interested in TV, Costollo termed Twitter as the second screen of a Television, providing a social voice to the device. He thinks that the platform is perfect for complementing the broadcasters. Though broadcasters traditionally treat technology companies as their competitors, Costollo opines that his company will introduce some great opportunities and amplify the acceptance of the contents to the audience. From the user perspectives, the CEO of Twitter likes to think the platform as a global town square, providing real-time, public, conversational, widely distributed information. He explained the situation by using the example of a Football game. Viewers who are watching the game in their TV set can be complemented by the comments and tweets posted by other broadcasting networks, players and experienced persons, which will enhance their game-watching experience.

Mobile And Advertisement

Costollo emphasized on the mobile-centric workforce of the company too. He said that the platform is not forced by mobile, but driven by the mobile. The developer team is continuously working to find out innovative ways of enhancing and speeding up the platform. The developers are allowed to conduct experiment on a maximum of 1% Twitter users at any given moment; they don’t even need to bother about permissions from the management team. The Android app of the platform is also going through major upgrading process. The live data feed provided by Twitter is used by thousands of companies worldwide along with the popular Twitter API.

Though he didn’t reveal the company’s income from advertising sector, Costollo did confirm that the advertising section is going very well with direct response sponsors, brand advertisements and TV advertisements. Bonobos, an online men’s sportswear company has enjoyed 13x effective results from its Twitter ads than on any other platform. Another company, Cadbury also enjoyed a 20% increase as a result of their Twitter promotion. Most of the successful companies are using conversational advertisement rather than the traditional, direct advertising methods. This way, consumers do not feel forced or compelled by the brands, but are subconsciously driven towards the products.

Future Directions

Talking about Twitter’s relation with other big companies like Google, Facebook and Apple, Costollo said that some ups and downs are expected in the relations and obviously, there are some competitions in some fields like Advertisements too. Nonetheless, he stated that he wants to work together with these companies and find ways to leverage more integrated relations with them. Additionally, he also admired Apple’s simplicity, design sense and elegance in its products. While Twitter works almost perfectly now, there is always scope for improvement. Twitter being the launching partner of Google Glass, Costollo believes that the wearable technology is the future. The raw, inside-out type of broadcasting will be facilitated by these devices and Twitter will be very interested to be a part of that technology.


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