Video Messaging Service Tango Goes To Play Games


The popular video messaging service, Tango, seems to be getting quite an upbeat. With around 120 million registered users and of that number nearly half are located in the United States. It claims to be clocking around 250,000 downloads per day. Not bad at all. Founded in 2009, it has come quite a long way and it plans to stay in the game for a long time. This is fortified by the new and bold announcement that Tango made. It just entered the mobile entertainment and gaming arena. This is just after a platform it launched exclusively for developers.

Big Partnership

Tango does not plan to fail at all. Instead it went all out and partnered with the mobile gaming company gaining huge popularity and goes by the name of Gameloft. Gameloft is no alien to the mobile gaming platform and understand the requirements of todays mobile user. Tango plans to take full advantage of that knowledge and put it into good use.

Tango built up on its strength and that was offering free video calling on mobile along with text chat messages and multimedia. The app was able to generate 1 million downloads within 10 days of its first launch thus becoming an instantaneous hit. Tango has been experimenting the game feature during calls. These were basic games and the 20 million game sessions that it logged per month led it to realise such a great treasure waiting to be mined. This led it to decide that a dedicated platform SDK for developers should be set up. It became committed to providing quality gaming to its millions of users.

Using their strength to their advantage

“We have married messaging with entertainment, moving us closer to our goal of becoming a destination for family and friends. Using the platform, our members can move beyond messaging to discover and share entertaining content we now offer,” Uri Raz, Tango co-founder and CEO commented.

Tango is planning to make this gaming feature a preferred feature for chat messaging applications all around. Users will be able to login with their Tango ID, play games, share and post their scores and invite others to play in multiplayer mode, download games and a lot more. It looks like Tango has a lot of cards that it can deal. Revenue would stream in and would be shared with the developers.

Breaking the norms

The inspiration to make such a move was not their own revelation but from already popular chat applications Line and Kakao Talk in Asia. The benefit here is its first movers advantage and that is of catering to the North American market. If Tango is able to pull this off then it would be able to cash heavily on its success. “We’re excited to be the first to launch a dedicated games platform in the West,” COO and co-founder Eric Setton said.

“People are spending a lot of time in messaging apps because they are well suited to their phone. When users come back [to apps]regularly, you can give them more things do, and that is encroaching on social networks. App discovery is one of the biggest issues to crack [in mobile]. There are hundreds of thousands of apps from app makers that are dying for attention. ” Setton said.


The deal with Gameloft is an exciting and a promising one for Tango. For Gameloft this is the first time it is partnering with a messaging firm.

“On a monthly basis, Tango members play over 20 million games with just a handful of titles, so working with the company will allow us to reach a broad and engaged audience,” said Gameloft VP of Publishing Baudouin Corman.


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