Vine For Amazon Kindle Fire Unveiled, Instagram Dominates With Numbers


Twitter has provided Vine, the 6-second video service, with a Kindle Fire app on Sunday. As it was added in the Amazon store on Monday, the new app will help Vine in extending its reach and getting new users. Instagram, the closest competitor to Vine does not have any dedicated app for the Kindle Fire. Though Amazon does not share Kindle’s exact number of sales or shipments, it could be assumed that Kindle is the most popular Android tablet family. Being integrated with the leading Android tablet series will definitely help Vine in securing a tight edge over its competitors.

Logics For Choosing Amazon Kindle Fire

A report of Localytics published in January claimed that Kindles in the US account for one-third of Android tablets in the whole world. The report was unveiled before the Kindle Fire was released worldwide; therefore the figure should be higher now. As Kindle runs on a customized Android OS, app designers and developers need to alter their apps in order to be suitable for the Amazon tablets. The Android version of Vine was released only four weeks ago, which suggests the company was in a hurry to release the Kindle version and the response time is very quick. With the Amazon platform covered, it is likely for Vine to go for the Windows Phone and may be BlackBerry as its next move. Covering those platforms will bring more dominance for Vine, because Instagram does not have a native app for any of these.

Instagram’s Dominance Is Traditional

However, the current situation does not seem very favorable for Vine. Marketing Land has reported that, in terms of the number of shared links in Twitter, users still favor Instagram more than Vine. But Vine has some plans for its Facebook-owned rival too. The Android version of Vine was provided with a front-facing camera this week. Additionally, the founders of the app noted an imminent, significant update of the app. The Vine team also implied a traditional trick, email blasting. Those registered users of Twitter, who have not downloaded Vine yet, were sent an email promoting the app.

The Rise Of Vine

Since Twitter acquired Vine last year, the service is experiencing a rapid growth in its user base. Initially, an iOS app was released for the platform, with an Android one coming 4 months later. Though some reports point that Instagram video is attracting more users than Vine, it could be considered as the consumer’s usual appeal to a new product. Once they got the most of Instagram’s shiny new interface, they will come back. Another reason is, Instagram was integrated to Twitter for some times and the users got accustomed with it.

This month, Instagram introduced the 15-second video recording facility along with its highly popular photo-sharing service. Having about 130 million active users per month, it is way ahead than Vine, which was downloaded 13 million times when its Android version was unveiled. Nonetheless, Vine is registering more users at a steady rate and will continue to do so as it penetrates other platforms gradually. Covering the two leading OS initially, it is now targeting the others. Introducing the Kindle Fire app is the first step of that journey. The new version of Vine is expected to bring some dramatic changes, which will also bring some more users to the platform.


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