Voice And Gesture Controlled Watch. Claims To Be The New Improved Android Watch On The Block


Kreyos Meteor
Kreyos Meteor seems to be interested in the digital smart watch arena. It has proven that it is determined to make itself known and leave a dent in the market. The major companies like Apple and Samsung are yet to launch their products which it is believed will storm the market. Till these titans don’t launch, small companies have the opportunity to step in the market with their products and try gaining some share. Indiegogo seems to be doing just that. It has launched a watch which is compatible with Android, IOS and Windows 8.

Packed With Features

This seems like a good moment for a company which is able to cater to all the major mobile platforms. As users prefer to get more mobile, the connected watch seems to be the new tech of the future. The watch can be worn on the wrist and even hanged around ones neck. The watches are stylish boasting varied colors to please the likes of different mindsets.

The Kreyos Meteor syncs with the phones voice command system and can be used to execute basic phone commands. This includes answering phone calls, reading and responding to texts and even posting to the popular social media website, Facebook. The features do not however stop there. The watch boasts gesture features which users can use with the wave of their hands.

Market with Opportunities

The smart-watch or smart phone watches market is still in its infancy and there are no solid players which control any major stake in the market. Many companies have launched their own variants of smart phone watches and some have plans in their pipeline to do so. That is one reason that any new entrant in the market needs to get the features right and please the users. Convenience and features is the key component to gather the momentum in the market.

Promising Looks

Just pushing notifications and answering calls will not suffice. The watch needs to step up and take a leap. The company’s need to step out of their comfort zones in this one if they need to succeed. Kreyos has ventured into something new and that is integrating a bit of health features in its watch whereby users are able to track the number of steps or stairs they climbed, the distance travelled and calories burned.  Kreyos has been working via the crowdfunding site Indiegogo. It plans to raise nearly $100,000 in funds and so far it has raised around $50,000 from about 536 backers. The company is quite optimistic and hopes to establish itself quite well in the market.

An in-depth view of the Meteors’ functionality reveals that it has a three-axis gyro, an accelerometer and a couple on internal motion sensors that detect wrist motion of the users. This specific feature allows one to control the watch and apparently ones phone by a customizable set of wrist movements. The watch also has an in-built microphone which allows for voice activation commands to execute tasks as well. The Meteor interestingly claims to be waterproof as well. So if by accident if you spill water on it then don’t fret.

The watch face can be popped out and can be adjusted to fit on other clips and belts to suit the user’s needs making it more versatile and user friendly.


KREYOS: The ONLY Smartwatch With Voice & Gesture Control from Kreyos on Vimeo.


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