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Startups are booming everywhere, the venture capitalists seem to be throwing off their money and crowdfunding is becoming the new norm. In all this hype a recent startup named, Misfit, launched after Steve Jobs passed away, is working towards fusing wearable computing, data and design together. The name “Misfit” is a sort of tribute to Steve Jobs and Apple’s ads to think differently. Apparently on Misfit’s board is the ex-CEO of Apple, John Sculley, who at that time was brought in from Pepsi to Apple by Jobs himself and who later on was the driving force behind pushing Jobs out of Apple.

Ex-CEO Sculley on board

Now it seems that after setting aside old hatred and past Misfit seemed to have formed a sort of arrangement and partnership with Apple to host its new device in Apple Stores, courtesy of Sculley’s position. Misfit has announced the launch of ‘Shine’, a wearable computing device that tells time, tracks your sleep pattern and perform other actions among the small list. This is the first product launch of the startup and it is quite positive of its success. It has been made possible by Indiegogo campaign funding which netted around $845,000. It also successfully raised around $8 million from ventures such as Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund and Vinod Khosla’s Khosla Ventures.

Shine bright like a diamond

It is claimed to be “the world’s most elegant physical activity tracker” and costs around $100 a pop. It can fit into a sport band, a necklace, or a leather band that sits the device on the wrist like a watch, the reason is its distinctive design. It then pairs with its iPhone app and helps users track their progress and set their own goals. The device, Shine, is carved from an aerospace-grade aluminum, with 1,560 laser-drilled holes aimed at making the device waterproof but still allowing light to get through. Also the battery is said to last around 3 to 4 months before it needs to be replaced, so that gives about ample juice too for such a wearable tech.

The future of wearable tech

Apple stores in the United States, Canada, Japan and Hong Kong will be featuring this device now and the stores in Europe and Australia will feature it in the coming month. Wearable tech and smart watches seem to be dominating today’s tech landscape and this move is to be seen as another strong surge towards making that a reality. Misfit’s Shine selling through the Apple Store is another reality that wearable tech that is friendly is the new future.

The arena is already being tested by the likes of Sony, Misfit and another startup Pebble with their smart wearable tech. However it is being rumored that tech giants such as Apple, Samsung, Google and others are already heating up their departments and gearing up to launch the next generation wearable devices. It is only a matter of months before one of the giants announce their offering and the landscape heats up.

Requires more work

Shine is considered to be quite elegant and works by tapping or touch the surface which lights up and tells the users time among other things. Certain users were of the view that if the touch and tap were a bit more responsive and instead of tapping it hard it should be a bit more user friendly.


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