Why Mobile Security Is Crucial In The Current BYOD Revolution


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The BYOD revolution is already here with us and no way to evade it. Due to its famous benefits, BYOD is here to stay, period! To those who might still be unfamiliar with the revolution, the acronym simply means ‘BRING YOUR OWN DEVICES’. Many activities are taking new shape as many companies and businesses incorporate it in their policies. There are many benefits that device
users and businesses stand to benefit from this great revolution if used with proper caution. Some of the notable benefits include increased productivity in businesses since the users can access applications and internet from any location.

BYOD policy allows users to work on the move without inconveniencing anyone since everyone has their own tools. Businesses can save money since no expenditure is incurred on devices as users have already bought their own. These benefits make the BYOD policy favorable and is here to stay.

Threats to the Mobile security
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We all love our gadgets and therefore bound to protect them against all threats. In a BYOD setting there
are many threats that the devices are exposed to. This makes mobile security an important issue in any BYOD environment. As the owner of the device you should be aware of these threats and take
the necessary measures to protect your device against these threats. Below are some of the risks that can occur to your devices.

  1. Loss or theft of the device – You should not build a lot of trust in your co‐workers as you may not know who you are working with. Your device may be stolen if not properly kept.
  2. Data or information may be stolen or damaged – Since most of the devices are networked, either over the LAN or wireless LAN, malicious users may steal your data or any other information.
  3. Malware – Devices on a shared network are can transfer malware amongst themselves or some malicious users may transfer them intentionally.
  4. Fake identity – Hackers may steal your identity and use your device to commit any offense since they are not the real owners of the device.

Facts and figures of security breaches

According to research and survey hackers and malicious users work all round the clock to get you down. Below are some interesting figures of security breaches that are necessary to stress the importance of mobile security.

  • 51 % of organizations has lost data due to insecure devices and malware infections in their systems.
  • 174 million records are stolen in every 855 data breaches.
  • Cost per breach averages in $ 5.5 m in many organization.

Mobile security is the way forward in order to reduce the extent of damages by the threats mentioned

Ways to ensure mobile security

To ensure that your devices are secure, here are some tips that can work for you.

  1. Use of passwords and usernames to control access of various resources and data from your device. The passwords should only be given to authorized people.
  2. Update OS or firmware of your device to ensure you have the latest mobile security update to be safe from any virus.
  3. Back up your data to ensure that that you are safe in any event. The data should be backed up regularly to ensure you are always safe.
  4. The use of free apps should be controlled since some may contain hidden spyware and malware which may be a threat to your mobile security.
  5. Find antivirus program and scan the device regularly to detect any malware early enough. You can schedule automatic scanning of the device after specified intervals to ensure you are not caught unawares.
  6. Control connectivity with other devices and other wireless networks to ensure that no risk poses to your device. Give other users the level of permissions needed to accomplish their duty. This that the level of mobile security is high.

Mobile security is important and should be given first priority in any BYOD environment.


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