Xbox 180: Listening To The Gaming Community


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Perhaps the wrath of Sony has pushed this on or maybe we are actually seeing some humanity and understanding within Microsoft. The latest update on the Xbox One offers a huge change in the policies set out by Microsoft and basically pushes the gaming console to what many gamers originally wanted, without all these online and used game policies.

This comes a week after E3, where many considered Sony to have won the battle of the consoles pretty conclusively. Xbox One was revealed with a host of questions, many answers were considered anti-gamer and alienating markets. The Xbox One would not work without a 24 hour check in, it wouldn’t allow used games and would only come in 23 countries.

Xbox 180: Huge Turnover

Microsoft has now announced after listening to feedback and potentially bricking because of all the bad PR they have decided to not add a 24 hour check up and they will allow used game sales in all forms, except digital for the obvious reasons.

This is a step in an odd direction for Microsoft, on the gaming front it will bring them better PR and possibly more fans but the idea was to make sure used games is eradicated through first day downloads and blocks. This would potentially lead to publishers only selling digitally, because it costs less to supply gamers.

It is also weird because at E3 Microsoft executives, including Don Mattrick who wrote about this change, said the Xbox One was okay the way it is and was developed on the basis of a connected system. Mattrick even went as far as to say they have a suitable option for those without an Internet connection, the Xbox 360.

To suddenly say “we’ve taken in your feedback and will now give you everything Sony is offering” is a little strange, it obviously shows how much social media and angry PR can do to a company, but it also shows how jagged Microsoft’s position was before they even started to try and justify it.

Will it save the Xbox One?

This is the big question, the Xbox One is still $100 more expensive and comes with the Kinect, an accessory with as much controversy as the original Xbox One DRM stance. Will Microsoft be able to push a more expensive system simply on the basis it works the same as the PS4?

Well, they do have one thing going for them, exclusive titles. Microsoft has a good amount of exclusives coming their way and will probably reveal more as the release comes closer. Microsoft Studios has a lot of different sub-studios they can employ to make new or pre-existing IP for the console and this is something Sony cannot muster.

While nothing is solid yet, we have seen big slips and huge jumps by companies in the past in the console wars. PS2 is just one example of how an underpowered system can go on to take over the gaming world, as can the Wii and the GameBoy.


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