Xbox And PC Games Will Be Available On Android And Iphones



IPhone and Android device users will get a good news this year and they will be able enjoy the Microsoft’s PC and Xbox games in their devices this year. Reuters has recently published this news in one of their regular reports. This tech giant is also trying to get some Smartphone games to their devices from Japanese mobile game makers. KLab, Japanese mobile game developer, delivering games for Smartphone platforms, will be in contract with them according to Reuters. At the end of this year, gamers can get the opportunity to play Age of Empires for free of cost. Android and iOS Smartphone users will get the release game at first. Windows phone users could play lots of PC and Xbox games before, but the iOS and Android users were able to get access to limited numbers of these games. If this deal continues and works perfectly, lots of Xbox as well as PC games will be available for the Android and iOS users. For getting the real and latest news, a Microsoft spokesperson was contacted by CNET, said that the first game to be released for iOS and Android users will be the Age of Empires.

Microsoft will give license of taking their games

The spokesperson also said, “Today, KLab Inc. announced a licensing agreement with Microsoft Corp. to develop a mobile version of Microsoft Studio’s ‘Age of Empires’ franchise, which will be initially developed in English for iOS and Android and launched globally, with plans to release the game in other languages and on Windows Phone in the future,” so it is going to be the end of waiting for all keen gamers at the last of this year for Xbox and PC games on Android an iPhone. First the formalities should be complete as the licensing and tie-up deal with KLab Inc. must be successfully finished. As Microsoft is moving to transfer their gaming opportunities to different devices, it will surely bring great change in the mobile device gaming industry. At the primary level, Microsoft was focusing on only the consoles, but there are giving license of their Xbox and other games to different mobile platforms. Some people are thinking of the threat from the Smartphone users to coming gaming consoles, as people will not simply remain interested to the consoles, when they can play their favorite games in their Smartphone.

Microsoft’s mobile game market will flourish

The Smartphone gaming market has already started to rise from New Year‘s prediction, while the console from Nintendo and Sony slumped 20 percent from their previous stage. Now Microsoft’s new mobile gaming strategy can bring out a solution by giving an attractive link between mobile businesses and gaming consoles. It must be include the Windows phone platform. Of the world’s total Smartphone market, Windows phones are only carrying 3% weight and 90% by iPhone an Android handsets. If Microsoft provides their games to iPhone and Android, they will get the access to huge mobile gaming market. So, the mobile device users not having a Windows phones will not worry and can play the Xbox games in their existing mobile devices.


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