Yelp is Hunting For Partnership With Facebook? What’s Behind The Scene?


The is a website that is operated by an US company named Yelp, Inc. This company operates the directory service of local business as well as runs a review site along with featuring social networking. Yelp has a very brilliant relevancy and connection strategy with the real-world businesses and locations. The mobile applications of Yelp make it easier for the users to discover the local businesses. This combines the reviews and lots of relevant information with information of consumer’s location. The founder of Yelp was Russel Simmons and Jeremy Stoppelman who were the former engineers of PayPal. Their idea came into the flashlight in 2004. I was surprised when I got to know that the core revenue source of Yelp is only the local business advertisement.

Yelp: A Part of Facebook’s Personalization Service

Along with other popular services such as and Pandora, Yelp is a part of the instant personalization of Facebook. Let me clear this thing now. Facebook normally shares the common profile information of the users with user review website. Such information sharing system integrates both of them, Facebook and Yelp functionality. Thing is that, if you are a user of the both social services and haven’t  disabled their functionality yet, your reviews along with other actions on Yelp would appear automatically on your live news feed of Facebook ID.

Why now Yelp is looking for having partnership with Facebook?

Yelp and Facebook could be the big partnership. Now Yelp is already open to make a partnership with Facebook. Question is will Mark Zuckerberg be open to this idea? The thing is that Facebook has already taken a new strategy which has already affected Yelp negatively. In January Facebook has unveiled its new feature of “graph search”, which is now available in beta version and letting the users seek their friend’s network. This is what bringing Yelp into the direct competition with Facebook since Facebook has lots of opportunity of imitating smaller companies and picking larger audience. As graph search strategy’s success depends on their capability of launching mobile application, Yelp would be the big help for them if they agree with Yelp to be partner in such case. The reason is Yelp has already its mobile apps which allow users to find out the local businesses what Facebook lacks of. That’s why Krolik said “We are actually happy to partner with Facebook (for graph search) if that’s something that they’re interested in.’

If Partnership is Made, In Return What Will Yelp Do?

From the beginning of Yelp, Mark Zuckerberg has been using Yelp as the primary option for personalization service. It served his purpose well, as Yelp has excellent real-world relevancy with businesses and location review that Zuckerberg has not captured it yet. Have you got the idea now? Yelp not only takes advantage from Facebook rather it pays back.

Now if Facebook agrees to be partner with Yelp, it will in return assist Facebook in integrating the front-and-center. already has fine “tie-up” with the connection of Facebook which allows the users to log into with Facebook information rather than having those information create separate account for multiple websites.


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